Stuzzichini, Bexleyheath

Ask me what I want for a perfect date night and it will be an excellent martini and some lovely fresh seafood. So obviously when organising a date night for my husband I look for somewhere local where we can get a good martini and some good seafood. Happy wife, happy life doesn’t the saying go? Where we are in Kent there isn’t an abundance of these sorts of places in a 5 mile radius, but there are a few and Stuzzichini’s is one of them.

We all know how highly I rate Melluccis in Bexley village for its authentic Italian food but sometimes you want a bit of glamour and some nice cocktails for your evening and whilst I don’t think the food at Stuzzichini’s is quite as good, it’s still pretty damn good with a different sort of atmosphere… Continue reading “Stuzzichini, Bexleyheath”

Meluccis, Bexley Village

Ask people where their favourite restaurant in Bexley is and you will quite often get the standard “Oh we love Ferraris” and I should confess that a decade ago I would have been one of those people (you know, style over substance yada yada). Whilst there is nothing wrong with Ferraris, I just don’t know why you would choose to eat Italian food from here when you have close to perfection in the form of Meluccis just down the road.

No it doesn’t have the trendy facade and posh table settings, in fact you sit in amongst the products that it sells throughout the day when it is a thriving deli. It doesn’t have an extensive wine and cocktail list, it doesn’t even have a bar! Yes, Meluccis is a BYOB establishment and I just love them for it! If you do forget there are a number of stores selling wine across the road and soft drinks need to be purchased in-house.

I feel like now is probably the time that I should admit that Meluccis is a firm favourite of mine and that I really debated on whether or not to post about this gem of a place in the heart of Bexley Village – it’s already getting hard enough to get a table there when I call! But I want this website to showcase the best of places to eat in Kent and I take my responsibilities seriously so let me tell you about one of the best Italian restaurant in the county…

From the tiniest of kitchens (and it really is everso tiny) owner Maria creates and serves the most splendid and authentic Italian dishes outside of Italia itself. Her husband is front of house and is fantastic at entertaining his customers. The staff are always friendly and helpful and will look after you well throughout your meal. On this occasion I was eating with my in-laws, Mr A and my step-daughters which means we had a vegan at the table. This is no problem for Maria but I always drop her an email beforehand just to give her some warning and then she gives a selection of dishes on the day to choose from. They always sound really tasty and I know that my step-daughter is grateful for something other than a boring vegetable pasta.

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