Giggling Squid, Sevenoaks

I’m not the biggest fan of chain restaurants and yet I don’t actively disregard them. I don’t want this blog to become a website full of top end restaurants that no one can afford to go to – balance and variety are the keys. A couple of friends have mentioned the Giggling Squid to me in passing and with Mr A and I being big lovers of Thai food we thought we would give it a go. My step daughter, E, also came with us – she is a vegan and it was nice to go somewhere where she had a complete menu to choose from rather than a couple of mediocre vegetable curries. One of the beauties of Thai cuisine is that it is great for vegetarians and vegans.

We went for an early Sunday evening booking so although there were a fair few tables of diners it was nice and quiet – well until a table near us decided it was appropriate to Face Time at the dinner table and have a rather loud conversation with their mum and dad whilst there kids raised their voices to get some attention. Oh for some etiquette. Continue reading “Giggling Squid, Sevenoaks”

Radhuny, Dartford

Ah Dartford; town with a population of 97,365, three different railways lines into London, making it a commuter hotspot, some of the best schools in the county and yet a diabolical lack of decent places to eat out! Yes indeed, the birth place of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Mackenzie Crook, Pete Tong and… Len Goodman, struggles to provide it inhabitants of even a handful of viable options within the town centre. Carnaval, the recently opened Tapas Bar has been good the couple of times I’ve tried it – very skilled at making a dry martini and their croquettes we as lovely as any I’ve had before. Then there is The Horse and Groom in Wilmington which is always full to bursting, but I would say overpriced and the food is inconsistent. They get away with it due to them having the monopoly on halfway decent restaurants in the area.

The busyness of these establishments strongly suggests that there is a real desire for some great places to eat in the town and I’m hoping that the tide will start to turn. Restaurant owners see the opportunities that exist and that we start to have some more viable options soon. Rant over.

What Dartford does have plenty of is Chinese and Indian restaurant, lots of them, and what you tend to find is they chop and change chefs on a regular basis so one year the best might be one establishment and the following year it’s another. My Dad has always been a fan of the Radhuny and, as it was his choice of venue for the evening, we trotted of there – 6 of us in total, oh yes, the whole family!

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